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1) 133KV/22KV Substation work at Nasik

133KV/11KV sub station work has been completed at Nashik site. Nos. of substation were 32 . project included Transportation, Cable laying, Cable tray installation, RTU Erection, cable glanding, cable route out and CMR base installation , Termination of project bus.

2) Petroleum pipe line of IOCL project at Rajasthan & Gujarat

Project included Cable laying, Designing, cable termination, foundation , installation of temperature transmission (TT), pressure transmitter (PT) & M.S.D. installation.

3) Building management system projects & FRTU installing & Termination

Building management system :- Installation of 55 Nos. junction box in a 3 Km tunnel followed by cable laying, termination & camera installation. Also installation of M.F.T. sensor, cable tray, cable dressing , instrumentation & installation of Temperature transmitter & pressure transmitter.
FRTU installing & Termination :- Work in central suburban minimum 250 FRTU installation are done with end to end testing .

4) Lightning arrestor installation and firefighting work and Monorail project

Lightning arrestor :- Installation of Lightening Arrestor installed to a 16 Flr. Tower in Kanjurmarg .front and back side 3mm GI strip are laid for insulation of this work .
Monorail project :- Total 25 Nos R.C. Circuits are installed at a 13 station in Mumbai monorail project.
firefighting work :- Laying of 95 Sqmm fire fighting cable for a 12 storeyed building, for a total length of 70 meters. Followed by cable tracing, cable laying & installing fire fighting box.

5) Cable laying work at residential complex “Vishal Mathura CHS” & BPCL

Project included supply of 3.5Core 95 Sqmm ,1.1KV Grade and XLPE Cable, Breaking of Concrete, Excavating 600mm deep and laying of 3.5 Core LT Cable, By feeling sand below & Above the cable. Covered with protective brick and covered with cement concrete to make it good flush with Top Level , Including installation, Testing & Commissioning.

6) Transformer oil filtration

Complete filtration of transformer power oil & testing of oil.

7) Periodic health check up of oil type transformer with Online Tap Changer(OLTP)

  1. Physical inspection cleaning of transformer & OLTC
  2.  Draining of OLTC oil opening top cover of OLTC
  3.  Checking & cleaning of OLTC fix –moving Contact.
  4.  Removing all carbon deposited on various parts in OLTC tank.
  5.  Checking tightness of OLTC lead connections of phase board & barrier board connections.
  6.  Flushing OLTC tank by hot oil & removing carbon.
  7.  Cleaning & lubrication of OLTC mechanism.
  8.  Checking of tightness of OLTC control connections.
  9.  Checking tightness of control connections in drive & remote panel.
  10.  Checking of OLTC operation manually& electrically in local & remote mode.
  11.  Filling of oil with filtration in OLTC tank up to mentioned level.
  12.  Transformer & OLTC oil filtration.
  13.  Checking tightness of control connection in RTCC panel.
  14.  Checking tightness of neutral & body earthing of transformer.
  15.  Checking of LT & HT side bushing.
  16. Checking of tap connections.
  17.  Checking of HT & LT side cable connections.
  18.  Checking of connections of transformer protection relay.
  19.  Rectification of functional problem if any.
  20.  We Deal Insulating Oil As Per IS: 335 –1992 Suitable For Transformer.
  21.  Checking of BDV value & acidity value of oil.
  22.  Checking of silica gel in breather & replacement of silica gel if required.
  23.  Supply of breathers with silica gel.
  24.  Checking setting of buchholz relay, MOG relay, WTI & OTI as per standard.
  25.  Checking transformer protection through buchholz, over current and earth fault relay.
  26.  Submission of service / testing report.
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